About Debbie McGrann

Debbie McGrann is a passionate speaker and trusted advisor to people suffering from chronic autoimmune diseases. In September of 2001, she received the devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Doctors gave her little hope of avoiding disability, and limited treatment options. On New Year’s Day of 2008, after having experienced years of increasing disability and intense, chronic pain, Debbie embarked on a mission to find a way to stop the progression of her disease. Amazingly, she not only stopped the progression of her disease, she found her cure and recovered her health. Her mission is to use the true story of her recovery from Multiple Sclerosis as a way to bring awareness and hope to others suffering from MS and other autoimmune disorders.

Debbie’s presentation inspires others to seek and find the information they need – beyond the doctors – in order to take control of their own recovery. She encourages people to be life-long learners and not be intimidated by their doctors or insecure because of their lack of medical training. Debbie will empower her audience with confidence to think for themselves, ask questions, and seek answers. Her presentation will motivate people to pursue the knowledge that will help them recover and live rich, rewarding lives. Debbie’s approach is always one of compassionate professionalism – with an appropriate dose of humor!

In 2009, after a remarkable recovery from MS, Debbie was able to achieve her dream of becoming a full-time real estate agent. Debbie received the designation of Rookie of the Year after her first year at Coldwell Banker. She now leads a team of agents serving all 50 states.

Debbie has been married to Jim McGrann since 1972. They have co-owned a marketing company since 1990. They are extremely proud of their two children – Jennifer and Jimmy, and their three grandchildren – Ella, Avery, and John. Debbie and her family reside in Maryland.

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”
-Steve Jobs

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